• 08.07.2022 17:19:00
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The Municipality of Cagnano Varano has ordered the temporary closure of some roads to vehicular traffic. Therefore, on Friday 15 July 2022 from 20:30 to 23:59 and Saturday 16 July 2022 from 17:30 to 23:59, all interregional bus services will stop, for the descent and / or ascent of the travelers, only at the plant located in A. Moro Street, near the Church of S. Francesco, while those of T.P.L. they will make the stop for the descent and / or the ascent of travelers at the aforementioned plant as well as at the one near the former municipal slaughterhouse.

The connections, between the bus to and from Carpino - Ischitella - Vico del G. and the one to and from Rome, will be made only at the plant in A. Moro Street.

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