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These General Conditions of Passenger Transportation apply to the urban bus public transport service carried out by Ferrovie del Gargano under the service contract in place with the Municipality of San Severo.

The transport contract

The transport contract ends with the purchase of a travel ticket.

The traveler who purchased the travel ticket must ensure that what requested correspond to what was received.

Travel tickets

Users are released:

• One-way tickets, valid for a single ride within 60 minutes from obliteration;

• Multi-journey ticket (10 trips) usable within 60 days of the first obliteration. At each ride, the ticket must be validated before departure. The validity of each race is 60 minutes from the obliteration.

• Monthly passes for the entire network, valid from the 1st to the last day of the calendar month;

• Monthly passes 2 lines valid from 1st to last day of the calendar month;

• Monthly passes 2 reduced lines, valid from 1 to the last day of the calendar month for students and over sixty-five years old;

• One-way and subscription tickets for the special categories of users provided for by art. 30 of the Regional Law 18/2002.

Tickets and passes must be purchased at one of the authorized sales outlets.

For the purchase of season tickets, customers must have a special identification card which is issued by the authorized ticket offices of the Ferrovie del Gargano upon presentation of application accompanied by two passport-size photographs and a payment of € 2.50. The card is valid for three years.

The subscription is valid only if accompanied by the identification document.

In all other cases, the traveler is considered not to have a travel document.

Customers are required to endorse travel documents before starting the journey and / or as soon as they board the bus. Any failures of the travel document validation equipment or the impossibility of validation must be reported immediately to the operator (driver); the customer will also have to manually affix the date and time of travel, as a sign of validation. Tickets, passes and any other travel document must be presented at the request of the employees of the Company in charge of the control, including the driver, or of the Supervisory and / or control body.

On board the buses it is possible to purchase the ticket with an increase of the price of € 0.20. For the purchase, the interested parties must contact the staff on duty.

The transfer of non-registered travel documents is prohibited on board; the transfer of personal travel documents is always prohibited.

The issue of the invoice for the purchase of the travel ticket is allowed, provided that the request is presented on the day of purchase / issue, by email, at, accompanied by a copy of the ticket itself indicating the unique code or the pec reference for electronic invoice.

The list of the stores is available on the website

Administrative penalties

The administrative pecuniary sanction for customers found without the valid travel document or travel document not regularly validated or non-compliant, is set in accordance with the provisions of Regional Law no. 18 of 31.10.2002, as modified by the Regional Law n. 13 of 07.04.2014.

Failure by customers to comply with the services of the rules contained in the company bus regulation entails the application of administrative sanctions as established by the aforementioned law.

Within 30 days from the date of notification of the summary report of ascertainment of the violation, in accordance with art.18 of the law 24th November 1981 n.689, the offender can send defensive memories regarding the dispute, directly to the mail address electronic or by ordinary mail to the Ferrovie del Gargano - San Severo Street n.96 - 71121 Foggia.

The customer in possession of counterfeit travel documents, in addition to the sanction provided for by the current Regional Law, is liable to report it to the competent Judicial Authority.

Services for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility

All buses are equipped with a device to access for people with reduced mobility.

The Company undertakes to encourage access within the technical-organizational limits with respect to the operating  conditions.

Transport of children

The customer with a regular travel document has the right to have a child aged between 0 and 10 travel free of charge.

Who accompanies the children is responsible for them for the entire duration of the trip.

Anyone accompanying more than one child aged between 0 and 10 must purchase one ticket for every two children. It is allowed to carry baby strollers for free as long as they are folded in such a way as to reduce their size.

Transport of animals

Passengers may bring cats or small dogs with them, upon purchase of a suitable travel document, provided they are placed in the appropriate carriers, so as not to disturb other passengers. Guide dogs for the blind can travel for free.

Travel concessions

One-way tickets and season tickets are issued for the special categories of customers, as per art. 30 of the Regional Law n. 18 of 31.10.2002. For the release, customers must have a special free identification card that is issued by the offices of the Ferrovie del Gargano on presentation of a specific application accompanied by two passport-size photographs and certification certifying that they belong to the categories required by law. The issue of free travel tickets takes place until the regional economic compensation is exhausted.

Transportation of things - Lost property

The passenger can carry only one piece of hand baggage free of charge as long as it does not exceed the dimensions of 25x30x50 cm and weighs no more than 20 kg. In all other cases, he must purchase a ticket for each piece of baggage. However, the transport of liquids, precious, fragile and / or excessively bulky or dangerous objects is not allowed.

The Company is not responsible for theft, tampering, dispersions, deterioration or loss of the objects transported.

The Company reserves the right to claim against the traveler for any damage caused by his luggage.

The lost objects found on board the company buses will be kept in accordance with articles 927 and ss. of the Civil Code.


The travel ticket is not refundable for events not attributable to the Railways.

We do not refund and do not issue duplicates and / or certificates of payment for subscriptions declared lost, destroyed or stolen.

   For failure to carry out the trip for facts attributable to the Ferrovie del Gargano, the customer must send a written request for a refund or replacement accompanied by the original travel document within 30 days. from the occurrence of the event:

• to the email address;

• by post to Ferrovie del Gargano - Via San Severo n.96 - 71121 Foggia.


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