According to the nonbinding agreement with the Puglia Region, the transport of the bikes following the traveler on the regional trains is free of charge. On the railway line "Foggia - San Severo - Rodi - Peschici" the transport is allowed on all the trains marked with a special symbol, in the maximum number of 3 bikes per train. In all other cases it is not allowed. On the railway line "Foggia - Lucera" is allowed on all trains in the maximum number of 3 bikes per train.

The bikes must be deposited in the appropriate spaces. Transportation is allowed on the basis of one bicycle per passenger. Bicycles cannot be transported in excess of the availability of the places indicated. In case of depletion of the availability, the passengers will have to wait for the next convoy.

Only single-seater bicycles with normal traction are permitted, without any type of engine. The bicycle owner is obliged to carry out the loading and unloading operations himself, following the instructions received from the company personnel and he is responsible for the damage caused to his own, to other people's bicycles, personnel, railway equipment and third parties. The traveler with a bike in tow should not hinder the ascent and descent of other passengers, avoiding to stop on the platforms. During the trip it is not allowed to leave objects or luggage on bicycles or in the spaces used to transport them. The transport of children with bikes is allowed only on condition that they are accompanied by an adult. In an emergency, bicycles must be left on board so as not to hinder the exit of travelers. If recoverable, they will be returned to the owners upon presentation of the travel documents and the identification document.

The violations and sanctions are regulated by the D.P.R. 753/80 and by L.R. 18/2002. The Company does not carry out any custody activities and, therefore, is not responsible for theft or alteration of  bicycles left parked.


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