The Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers of 27 January 1994 "Principles about the provision of public services", established the principle according to which the provision of public services must be based on criteria of maximum attention to the satisfaction of the needs of the citizen when he decides to use them. Public transport, seen as an instrument to guarantee the free movement of citizens, expressly requested by the Constitution and Article 8 of the Maastricht Treaty, is one of the activities for which a "service charter" is to be published with the purpose, both to strengthen the guarantee of free circulation and to improve the quality of services, as well as the relation between the service provider and the customer. The service charter is in fact a document that, interpreted as a tool for dialogue between the donor and the user of the service and all the suppliers (Public and Private Bodies, Consumer Associations, etc.) over time recognizes the efforts made so that the level of service quality perceived by the customer is getting closer and closer to what is expected. Essential in this dynamic process is the contribution that will come from customers, in a dialogue that is always open and profitable for the achievement of higher objectives. The Ferrovie del Gargano Company, which is actively present in the sector of public passenger transport, has drafted this eighth edition of the mobility charter with reference to the activities it carries out, both at national, regional and local levels. The charter of the services was adopted on 20th  November 2000 and, at the same time, presented in the Standing Committee for the implementation of the service charter set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of Public Administration. The same is also updated annually and communicated to customers through distribution at the company ticket offices, as well as at the most important points of sale of tickets. The document remains available to customers at the Directorate General - Bari, Zuppetta Road, 7 / d - and at the San Severo Roads - 82 - S. Ricciardi and Foggia - Via San Severo, 96.

Service charter 2023 - Infrastructure Manager Division

Service charter 2023 - Transport Division


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