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The Municipality of Foggia, given the road works in progress on Via Galliani, has ordered the ban on road traffic on this artery. Therefore, from 9 May 2023 and until the end of the works, the terminal of Via Galliani will be temporarily transferred to Via Guglielmi (provincial library side). Buses coming from the sub-Apennino Dauno and directed to the Intermodal Exchange Node (Foggia RFI), will not observe the temporary stop on Via Marina Mazzei (Palestra GIL).

Therefore, on the day indicated above, the buses in TPL service will observe the following alternative itineraries:

buses coming from the sub-Apennine Dauno with entrance from Via Napoli and directed to the Intermodal Exchange Node terminus stop (Foggia RFI):

from the beginning of Via Natola, after the roundabout, they will take the outside lane, continue on Viale 1° Maggio, Viale Michelangelo and finally turn onto Via Guglielmi, to continue on Viale Fortore, Via Scillitani, Via Montegrappa, Via Monte Sabotino , P.le V. Veneto and Intermodal Exchange Node (Foggia RFI).

The stop on Via Marina Mazzei (GIL gym) has been removed.

direct buses to the temporary terminal on Via Guglielmi:

from Viale Michelangelo they will turn onto Via Guglielmi, to reach the temporary terminus of via Guglielmi.

The terminus stop on Via Galliani has been abolished.

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