The passenger transport service, carried out by "Ferrovie del Gargano srl - Passenger Rail Transport Division", is carried out on the following lines:

  • San Severo-Rodi-Peschici (Calenelle) of 73 + 855 km;
  • Foggia-Lucera of km 19 + 364;
  • Foggia-Manfredonia of 40 + 000 km (substitute services).

Regarding the ​​railway services, since December 2011, a regional train service has been conducted on the Italian Railway Network between the towns of San Severo and Foggia. 

Also included in this operating area are the auto-runs carried out on the S. Severo-Rodi-Peschici C. line, on the Cagnano-San Severo and Cagnano S. Nicandro-Portone Perrone reports as well as those carried out on the entire itinerary, during the  non- working days of the winter period, replacing the train service. Finally, a special network of bus lines in adduction to the railway services has the purpose of establishing appropriate connections between some localities located at a considerable distance from the corresponding railway stations and the line itself to be considered the load-bearing axis of the entire transport system in the Garganico area.



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