Rail services regulations

Rail services regulations

Users have the possibility to have:

1. Tickets valid only for a single trip

2. Weekly pass valid from monday to friday

3. Monthly pass valid from the first to the last calendar month

4. Simple trip and subscription for special categories according to art.30 of the Regional law 18/2002

Tickets and subscriptions must be purchased only through authorized point of sale. They can also be purchased on line through this website

In order to purchase subscriptions you must show a valid identity card. Subscriptions are considered valid only if shown together with identification card whose details are written on the same subscription. Customers must punch tickets once on board the train. Shoud confirmation machines do not work, customers have to report this anomaly to the qualified staff. Tickets and subscriptions must be shown whenever staff company or security service staff request it.. Once on board the trains it is possible to buy tickets by paying 1.00eur more and to do it you should refer to the staff on duty.

Administrative measures

Administrative measures in accordance with Regional Law of transport are provided to those customers travelling without tickets or with tickets not punched. Should customer do not attend rules written on company regulations are disciplinated with administrative measures in accordance with Regional Law of transport.


Children and animals transport service

Passengers holding a regular ticket can travel with a child without paying any ticket for him only if he is between 0 and 10 years old. Should passengers have more than one child he must buy one ticket every two children. Strollers are allowed on board for free only if folded up.

Passengers can also travel with pets like cats or dogs of small dimensions only if they do not disturb or annoy other passengers. Guide dogs for blinds people can travel for free.

Objects transport-Lost property

Passengers can travel with only one hand bagagge for free that should not exceede the following dimensions: cm25x30x50.

Objects carriage – Lost property

Passengers can travel one hand bagagge for free that should not exceede the following dimensions, cm 25x30x50. Should passengers

have any other bagagge they should buy a ticket for each bagagge. In any case bulky and dangerous objects are forbidden on board.

The conmpany is not responsible about burglary,breaking, deterioration or loss of objects on board.

Lost property found on board will be preserved following paragraph 927 of italian Civil Code

For all not specifically written we refer to D.P.R. 753/80