Rail network

The railway line, among the first electric drive railway, has been built on 1931. Local railway line includes the following lines:

  • Railway line San Severo-Rodi-Peschici (Calenelle) of 73+855Km;
  • Railway line Foggia-Lucera of 20+000Km;
  • Railway line Foggia-Manfredonia of 40+000Km

Starting from December 2011 we also have a local railway service  San Severo-Foggia. On the railway service we also include substitute trip made by social bus on the line Cagnano S.Nicandro-Portone Perrone and substitute trip in place of railway service on holidays and during winter (from 1st of january to the 15th of june and from mid-september to the 31st of december) The company guarantees huge modernization strengthening of railway service which include:

  • a route change between San Severo and the progressive Km 25 in order to satisfy also Apricena people.
  • Speed up the route Cagnano-Rodi, alredy done

And lastly, a specific network of bus that guarantee connections between hill towns located at distance from railway. From 14th July 2009  the line Foggia-Lucera, after a period of interruptionordered by FS, has been reopen