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We inform our customers that, starting from 22/01/2021, in line with the provisions of the recent Dpcm and regional ordinances on Local Public Transport for containment of the pandemic from Virus Sars Covid-19, the undersigned has introduced online travel booking through the website - ​​accessible from all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs).

Therefore, starting from 22/01/2021, it will be possible to purchase single travel tickets through the new online mode, as well as at the affiliated agencies.

To make the online purchase of the Corsa Semplice ticket, you will need to connect and register on the website through which, by choosing the place of departure, arrival, date and time, it will be possible to buy and then book a seat on the journey on which you intend to travel, paying through the electronic payment channels allowed by the system. The purchase will generate a ticket in PDF format that can be printed or shown through your smartphone or other mobile device to the on-board personnel assigned there. Obviously, the purchased ticket will have a unique validity only for the day, time and route chosen. If not used, it will not be refundable.

Otherwise, the weekly or monthly ticket can be purchased exclusively at affiliated agencies. However, after the purchase, all season ticket holders will also have to register on the portal to reserve their seat on the routes for which they intend to travel, within the chosen period of validity (week or month). Obviously, the selected trips must correspond to the route to which the season ticket refers (eg Santeramo-Bari and vice versa), otherwise the system will not allow the booking. This procedure for season ticket holders will take place after having entered the chosen rides in the purchase "cart", selecting the "use your season ticket with card" mode and entering the card number and entering the tax code. At the end of the procedure, an attachment in PDF format will be generated, containing the journey (s) booked, which can be printed or shown through your smartphone or other mobile device to the crew. Also in this case, the reservation made will be valid only for the day, time and journey chosen, and, in case of non-use, it will not be refundable and will result in the reduction of a trip, from the total number of rides with respect to the type of season ticket owned.

In this regard, it should be noted that, in compliance with current regional regulations, weekly pass holders will be able to use only 12 (full) or 10 (reduced) trips during the chosen week, identically, monthly pass holders, exclusively 52 (full) or 42 (reduced) trips during the month. Once the number of rides available, it will be necessary to have other tickets.

The introduction of this new online booking system will guarantee conditions of greater safety on board, allowing an accurate management of the filling status of the vehicles, so that, inside each bus, the maximum permitted filling index is not exceeded. , currently established in 50% of the places by a single registration certificate.

Therefore, during the entire emergency period, priority will be given to board, until the maximum threshold of available seats is reached, to those who have booked on the website

For the above reasons, those who have not made the reservation will risk not being admitted on board, even if in possession of the travel document.

Strict observance of the provisions contained therein is recommended, with the hope that each customer can book his trip, helping to ensure a respectful use of the public transport service.

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