• 18/09/2020 03:12:00
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The Municipality of Lucera, in conjunction with the transit of the 8th stage of the 31st Giro d’Italia Female, has placed some restrictions on road traffic. Therefore, on Friday 18 September 2020, from 11:00 to 15:00, the buses departing or arriving in Lucera will temporarily observe the terminus stop in Montello  Street near Papa Square not continuing towards Popolo Square. In the period indicated above, all buses will enter the town of Lucera from the S.S. 17 (Troia Street).

Popolo Square stop is temporarily canceled.

The Lucera - Sofim buses of 13.05 and Sofim - Lucera of 2.15 will only make the temporary stop at the terminus of  Montello Street near Papa Square and Folliero Street.

They are temporarily suppressed in Foggia Street and Popolo Square.

Furthermore, on Friday 18 September 2020, the connections of the following bus lines:

• San Bartolomeo in G. - Volturino - Lucera;

• Casalnuovo - Casalvecchio - Castelnuovo - Pietra - Lucera;

• Roseto - Alberona - Lucera;

• Biccari - Lucera.

may be subject to limitations or delays due to road blocks operated by the Police for the passage of the Giro d’Italia caravan.






The following lines are canceled:



• Volturino - Lucera at 11.55 am;

• Lucera - Volturino at 12.50 pm;

• Lucera - Casalnuovo at 10:55 am;

• Lucera - Casalnuovo at 11:55 am;

• Casalnuovo - Lucera at 12:50 pm;

• Casalnuovo - Lucera at 13:55.


Operators are reminded to observe the instructions given on the spot by the Police / Supervisory Force and observe the road signs prepared for this purpose

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