The Company assumes no responsibility if, due to force majeure, changes in time or the interruption or suppression in whole or in part of a race occur. All services are made with obligatory and free reservation of the place. Travelers without a ticket are not allowed. The ticket must be printed in the paper form provided by the system in use as issued by the affiliated resales. Travel tickets must be registered. Travel tickets must be purchased at one of the authorized stores. They can also be purchased online at The traveler who buys the ticket online is allowed on board also equipped with the title code only. Passengers are entitled to the transport service only if they hold a valid travel document for the route, date and time of departure indicated. Changes in the location of ascent and / or descent or route inversions are not permitted. The passenger does not therefore have the right to a transport service other than the one indicated on the travel document. Buses of national bus lines do not have a device for access of passengers with reduced mobility. All buses are equipped with an external LED light indicator that informs passengers about the destination of each individual journey. The invoice may be issued for the purchase of the ticket, provided that the request is presented on the day of purchase / issue, by mail, at, accompanied by a copy of the title .

Administrative sanctions

The customer who, at the time of the checks is found without the travel ticket or in possession of a non-regular or non-compliant travel ticket for route or fare not payable, without prejudice to the availability of seats, in addition to the single ticket ordinary route for the route concerned or the difference in price between ordinary single fare and the price already paid, will be further subject to the payment of a fixed fee of € 5.00. In all other cases it will not be possible to continue the journey. The customer in possession of counterfeit tickets, in addition to the sanction, is liable to report to the competent judicial authority.

Transportation of children

Children from 0 to 10 years are entitled to the discount on the ordinary rate for adults. Those accompanying the children are responsible for them for the entire duration of the trip. Travelers between 0 and 14 must travel accompanied by an adult.

Transport of animals

Passengers may bring small cats or small dogs with them, after having purchased a suitable travel document, transported in such a way that they do not cause disturbance or nuisance to other passengers, in the appropriate carriers. Guide dogs for the blind can travel free of charge.

Transportation of things - Lost items

The passenger can carry only one piece of baggage free of charge provided that it does not exceed the dimensions of 25x30x50 cm and weighs no more than Kg. 20 In all other cases, as long as the baggage permits, it is required to purchase a ticket for each piece of baggage. The "Additional baggage" fee is applied on board only by the driver. However, it is not permitted to transport liquids, precious, fragile and / or excessively bulky or dangerous objects. The company is not responsible for theft, tampering, leakage, deterioration or loss of the objects carried. It is forbidden to place money, valuables, notebooks, mobile phones, valuables and similar items in the luggage compartment. The Company reserves the right to claim compensation from the traveler for damages caused, from his baggage and his behavior, to the company assets. The lost items found on board the company vehicles will be kept in accordance with articles 927 and ss. of the Civil Code.

Change of travel / departure date

The change of date or time of departure is allowed on condition that the request is made at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure, during the hours of opening to the public, at any agency and / or store affiliated, upon payment of a fixed fee of € 3.00, the return of the original travel document and the issue of a new travel document. The change is also possible for tickets purchased online.


The reimbursement for the passenger's personal fact is admitted on condition that the request is made, at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure, during the opening hours to the public, at the agency and / or affiliated stores that issued the ticket. The passenger will be entitled to a bonus equal to 70% of the price paid, upon return of the original travel document. For tickets issued with promotional rates, reimbursement is not allowed. Reimbursement is not allowed for tickets purchased online. For non execution of the trip due to facts attributable to the Ferrovie del Gargano, the customer must send a written request for reimbursement or replacement accompanied by the original travel document within 30 days from the occurrence of the event.

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