• 07.08.2020 23:54:00
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The Municipality of Canosa di Puglia, during thhe “Vetrine in Concept” event, ordered the closure of some roads to vehicular traffic. Therefore, on Monday 10 August 2020, from 20:00 and until the end of the service, the TPL buses, arriving in Canosa and / or going to Andria, will temporarily observe the following itinerary:

SP 231 (Giardino del Mago exit) - Corsica Street - Ugo la Malfa Street - Falcone Street - Piazza Padre Antonio Losito roundabout, where they will perform the reversal of the direction of travel to return to  Falcone Street.

In the period indicated, the stops at the Erg petrol station, Terme Square and Saffi Street are canceled.

The buses bound for Cerignola will continue to observe the change in route indicated in the Notice to Customers of 27.07.2020

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